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Deco Panel | Under the dome, what can I do for the environment?


Since  the prestigious CCTV reporter Chai Jing published a "dome" speech, the  media on the topic of environmental protection increasingly attention,  which has become the focus of the state in recent years to solve the  problem. Indeed, environmental protection is  already can not be ignored, the urgent need to implement a serious  issue, because it not only affects the city appearance, but also affect  the people's health, but also affect the long-term development of the  national economy.

Then, as an individual, a family, a business, a member of the social economy, what can we do for the environment? 

Take Deco Deco as the example, Deco Panels are produced with all green products.  From selection, we insist that we manufacture our products with organic plants and fibers as the base material.  Through careful screening, processing, and a meticulous method of color extraction, we ensure our products to have the same green foot print as the base material we manufacture from without compromising its natural beauty.  Our panels produce 0% Formaldehyde emission, thus ensuring air quality safety.  With its translucent feature, it creates a bright yet private space; therefore a perfect material to consider with energy saving in mind.  Green living is achievable, let’s be consciously aware of our carbon foot print and choose green materials to enrich our lives and the environment.

Deco Deco hopes, that we can slowly impart influence, and that more businesses, families and individuals will realize the idea of beauty in nature is also an environmental friendly concept; so that they may appreciate, even love green and organic art, thus developing good habits that goes toward protecting the environment.

Environmental protection is dependent upon the effort of everyone, we truly hope that Deco Deco’s mission statement at this matter will be recognized and accepted as the standard.

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