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New design by raw material achievements! The decoration design is time to consider changing a new material


Material and the development of the human age is closely related to the historical imprint, records, people to the evolution of contemporary materials to name prehistoric times, such as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Visible, the material reflects the architectural style of each era, decorative features, design direction.

From the 1960s onwards, people began to have new ideas and ideas on architectural design, naturally put forward the form of material, function, performance, style, use and other requirements, in these new ideas and requirements at the same time , New building decoration materials should also come out, such as GRC light wall panels, mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing panels, paper gypsum board, aluminum composite panels, etc., is also emerging in recent years, new materials. New materials not only greatly enriched the design vocabulary, and the achievements of a lot of new design.

Into the new century, with the changing times, the emergence of new materials to change the style of some products, the use of materials to cross, mix and match, across, and will use the effect of light and shadow. The selection of some of the optimization, change some of the traditional material, so that customers of new materials composed of products to produce new visual, new fun, new experience. Recently, Xiao Bian is concerned about a new decorative materials - Lokao board!

What is Lokao plate?

Lokao  board using the original ecological plants and fiber, carefully  selected by hand, extract its own essence, through the anti-corrosion  process, save the natural color of raw materials, with its natural  beauty and environmental polymer materials combined as a permanent  decoration, shaping Out of the original from the original ecological decorative materials, the natural art into the living space.

LEGO  variants allow you to customize products that meet your design style by  selecting or customizing different product interlayers, colors,  patterns, textures, thickness and surface treatment effects. So if you are looking for a new design idea, may wish to consider changing a new material Oh!

Advantages and characteristics

The  original ecology, true plant, true natural art: the use of nature of  the original ecological plant, by extracting the essence of its own  plants, after dyeing dry, the formation of the natural beauty of the  plant as a permanent decoration;

0 formaldehyde: by the SGS European standard EN717-1 certified 0 formaldehyde emission materials;

Environmental protection and energy conservation: using with natural plant raw materials, environmental protection and high polymer as the base material, non-toxic, non-polluting, recyclable, electric energy saving by light transmission;

High impact strength: the impact strength is 40 times of glass, not easy to scratch;

Safety, light: no fragile, the weight is half of glass, durable, easy to transport;

Easy maintenance: not easy to leave fingerprints, water stains, easy cleaning and maintenance;

High / low temperature: suitable temperature range of -50 DEG C~80 DEG C, suitable for different regional climate;

Design originality: natural harmony, simple and comfortable, is the mature application of household materials in European and American countries

Rich in patterns: plant, fiber, shell all kinds of natural raw materials, goes through the design selection, manual placement, restore its natural beauty;

Practical and decorative: lighting translucent but non-through scene and transmittance can be adjusted according to the surface effect; to ensure privacy, also maintain a sense of space, create an atmosphere at the same time;

Advanced technology production: import production technology from the United States, to ensure each panel quality, it is the national patent protection products.

Case Study

1.  Room Divider

2.  Door

3. Wall

4. Cabinet

5.  Light Art

6.  Bar Counter

7.  Ceiling

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