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Play creativity, Play modeling! New materials for the designer


Materials, keep innovating continuously along with the times. The former simple cement, wood, plaster, metal materials has been not enough to meet the designer's desire, but also restricts the designer's inspiration and creative ideas. Therefore, modern new materials comes up, such as GRC lightweight wallboard, mineral wool decorative acoustic board, gypsum board, aluminum-plastic composite board and so on.

To a large extent, Material restricts the designer's creativity, ideas, while designer has a constant pursuit of innovation, also has a continuous reform requirements to material, along these demands, we found a special new material for the designer – DecoDeco Panel.

What is DecoDeco Panel?

DecoDeco Panel believes that design is often not only on product, it is needed to study and know many demands of how this product should be designed. The designer's requirements of modeling, creative, design, customization, performance form, security and so on, DecoDeco Panel is all in ready. We believe that for designer, “DecoDeco Panel is a kind of product can speak".

Deco Deco translucent resin panel uses the original ecological plant and fiber, picking up the find materials manually, extract the essence of its own, after the preservation of raw materials, as to keep it into natural color, with its natural beauty and environmental protection polymer materials as a permanent decoration, to create a decoration materials completely from the original state, to bring natural art into living space.


Variety of changes of Deco Deco resin panel can be made by selecting or customizing different products, color, pattern, texture, thickness and surface treatment to customize the product to meet your design style. So if you're looking for a new design idea, consider changing a new material.


Advantages and Features

Original ecology, real plants, natural aesthetics : the use of natural plants, through the extraction of the essence of the plant itself, through the air dry, formatting to  the natural beauty of plant as permanent decoration;

0 formaldehyde: 0 formaldehyde emission certificated by SGS EN717-1;

Environmental protection and energy conservation: using with natural plant raw materials, environmental protection and high polymer as the base material, non-toxic, non-polluting, recyclable, electric energy saving by light transmission;

High impact strength: the impact strength is 40 times of glass, not easy to scratch;

High impact strength: the impact strength is 40 times of glass, not easy to scratch;

Easy maintenance: not easy to leave fingerprints, water stains, easy cleaning and maintenance;

High / low temperature: suitable temperature range of -50 DEG C~80 DEG C, suitable for different regional climate;

Design originality: natural harmony, simple and comfortable, is the mature application of household materials in European and American countries;

Rich in patterns: plant, fiber, shell all kinds of natural raw materials, goes through the design selection, manual placement, restore its natural beauty;

Practical and decorative: lighting translucent but non-through scene and transmittance can be adjusted according to the surface effect; to ensure privacy, also maintain a sense of space, create an atmosphere at the same time;

Advanced technology production: import production technology from the United States, to ensure each panel quality, it is the national patent protection products.

Case Study

1. Room Divider
2. Door
3. Wall
4. Cabinet
5. Light Art
6. Bar Counter
7. Ceiling

Deco Deco translucent resin panel -- create your fashion space!

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