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Some details about Deco Deco Material you must know


1、About Factory

•The factory is located in the tourist scenic area, the surrounding environment is beautiful, the supporting facilities, the workshop covers more than 5000 square meters.

View of factoryView of factory

                                                                                                  •The monthly output can reach 3000-4000 standard plates 

                                                                                                  •Complete production and processing equipment 

                                                                                                  •Zero Pollution production process, management order

•International product r&d team

•Todd Darrow, an international tutor from the United States, is here to guide and exchange production

2、Production Flow

1.1 Raw Material Inspection – Panel

•Select the supplier of imported raw materials, inspect the suppliers, and guarantee the raw material purchase channel 

•The board chooses 100% natural polymer fiber material 

•0 formaldehyde emission materials certified by SGS European standard en717-1 

•SGS RoHS six items: cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +), polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), polybrominated biphenylether (PBDEs) for non-heavy metal materials 

•Ensure the raw materials meet the standard of production

1.2 Raw Material Inspection – Interlayer

•100% natural plant is selected and treated with special treatment to ensure that the material is not discoloured or mouldy 

•Select the material carefully

•After the material is returned to the factory, the material is filled by the skilled worker, which guarantees 100% inspection 

•For the storage of natural plant, we are also very cautious, in the season of hot and humid in guangzhou, will turn on air conditioning, control humidity, prevent material deterioration

2. Manual Lay-up Raw Material

•Pay attention to put style standardization 

•Strictly follow the design or customer requirements specified by the designer 

•For the mezzanine dosage and density control

•Make sure it's in the public eye

3. Mechanical processing

•With international advanced technology, years of production experience, large equipment processing board 

•The production process does not add any adhesive that contains harmful substances 

•Special surface treatment, the plate surface leaves no fingerprints, water mark

4.1 Cutting

•The cutting precision can reach 0.2mm, which is five times that of ordinary sawing machine 

•The range of process is 0.5-60mm 

•The maximum cutting size is 3300mm 

•Minimum cutting size: 5mm 

•The reciprocating saw can improve the production efficiency according to the special rectification

4.2 Fabrication

•Have many deep processing equipment 

•It can be polished, open die, curved forming, drilling, fine engraving and other complicated deep processing

                                                                                                                               Fabrication of finished product

5. Quality Control

•Finished product after molding, 100% inspection of appearance 

•The finished product is long, wide and thick, with a sampling rate of not less than 30% 

•Confirm the finished product, the surface post thickness is 0.08mm protective film 

•Standard of inspection standard reference lego enterprise standard "manufacturing process (finished product) inspection specification"

6. Standard Package

•Each piece of finished sheet is well protected film, cut according to customer's requirement size 

•Cut the finished product, put the label on the label, use wooden pallet, paper skin to wrap, ensure that the finished product is not damaged during transportation 

•The wooden pallet bearing limit is 1500kg (pallet size: 2450x1230x120MM, weight about 30KG) 

•The finished product is placed in the designated area, and the goods are marked and delivered

7. Product Store

•For products that cannot be delivered in time, we place them on the finished goods price and mark them well 

•It should be noted that if the finished product is stored for more than 30 days, the protective film should be replaced to prevent the glue on the protective film from remaining on the finished surface

8. Logistics

•Packing list

•Loading record 

•Freight license plate records


•Safety instructions for all equipment 

•Production guidance 

•Raw material, product quality 

•Monitor the process 

•Inspection standard

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